This is where you can find news, events and articles from the author Luke Phillips. My first novel Shadow Beast is out now and available on Kindle and in paperback.

I’ll be using the blog to fictionalise some of my favourite stories and encounters with the cryptid creatures of the world and I’ll be exploring the folklore and facts behind the myths too. No doubt there’ll be some commentary on the things I find fantastic and frightful too.

I look forward to seeing you round these parts again and hearing back from you from time to time. But for now, stick to the roads and stay off the moors. You never know what might be out there!

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    1. Hi Bonnie. It’s currently being edited and the cover is being designed. I know people are waiting for it now, so it’s a case of as soon as possible. But it’s likely to be late June or early July now. I hope it’s worth the wait! Thanks for your patience and appreciation!


    2. Sir… Let me. First and foremost virtually applaud you!!! I am new to the scene of REALLY reading/getting into cryptozoological material. I just finished ‘shadow beast’ and have literally gone to Amazon to order EVERYTHING if yours hehe I am so concerned about what is going to happen to these characters that I found myself deeply cheering and empathetic. There were times I had to stop, and breathe cuz the grief was so intense. Especially the party with the American team…. I needed a minute lol but I also felt so much for the creature. How smart, intelligent, truly solitary. I’ll admit… I totally cried… When the Jaguar-King was no more. But was even more excited by the ending!!! I’m waiting for ‘daughters of darkness’ to arrive in the mail as I type this hehe

      All this to lomg-windedly Say… You’re amazing and I love your work!! Please write more scary crypto books lol

      Your friend ,


  1. Loved shadow beast. Read it while sat by a campfire not far from where it was based!
    When will Daughters of the darkness be released? Really looking forward to it.




    1. Hi Sam, thank you so much for the kind words, and I really appreciate you getting in touch.

      The good news is, your timing is perfect. The Daughters of the Darkness launches on Monday, and the eBook is available to pre-order now. The paperback should also be available to pre-order by the weekend. Thanks again for getting in touch.


  2. Hi Luke.

    Absolutely loved both your books – two of the best horror-thrillers I’ve read and a refreshing entry into the genre. I especially like the way you go into creature mode instead of just describing what the beast is doing and it really builds up the suspense in predator-prey scenes.

    I hope you will be writing some more books and will eagerly await them. In the mean time what would be really good is if you had a Facebook author page – I couldn’t find one for you. Lots of independent authors are doing it these days as it’s a good way of building up a list of followers, makes sharing with friends easier (I want to post a recommendation to my friends and will link through to this blog but a FB page would be more convenient) and is a good way of updating followers when new books or other content comes out.



    1. Hello Spencer. Thank you for taking the time to get in touch and I really appreciate the kind words. I am thrilled that you enjoyed reading my books – something that’s really lovely to hear. More stories are definitely on the way, so again, thank you.

      You can find me on social media under black beast books -https://www.facebook.com/BlackBeastBooks where you’ll find my latest updates, news items, and all things super-natural and monstrous!


  3. Hi! I loved both Shadow Beast and Daughters of the Darkness. THey came at a point in my life where I was and have been fascinated with the tales of maneaters. I’ve been trying to find info on Phantom Beast as well as any other books you’re working on that I haven’t heard of and would love it if there was some kind of exciting update!


    1. Hi Connor. Sorry for the late reply. But, the good news is that I am working on Phantom Beast as we speak. I hope to have it out by late September next year. In addition, there should (hopefully) be a follow-up book based on one of the characters you’ll meet in Phantom Beast. Again, I hope to publish this in early 2020.

      Thank you for the kind words. If you seek out Black Beast Books on Facebook, you should start to see more posts going forward, and I’ll try to update the blog more regularly too!


      1. Hello, Luke! I just recently finished Shadow Beast on Audible. I loved the story and narration. I would very much like to listen to Daughters of the Darkness. Any chance that will be coming to Audible anytime soon?


      2. Hi Randy! Thank you so much for the kind words. I can confirm The Daughters of the Darkness is currently in production, and all going well, should be available in early October.


  4. Hi Luke, I’m currently re reading Shadow Beast again which I have read a number of time’s and also Daughter’s of Darkness. I have also handed them to my elderly mother, we both really enjoyed reading both books. How long before we can read the next griping book.


    1. Hi Andrew! Thank you so much for the interest in my books – it’s lovely to hear you like them so much to revisit them! I’m pleased to say you won’t have much longer to wait. I am very nearly finished on the first draft of Phantom Beast, and it should be out by September at the very latest.


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