This is where you can find news, events and articles from the author Luke Phillips. My first novel Shadow Beast is out now and available on Kindle and in paperback.

I’ll be using the blog to fictionalise some of my favourite stories and encounters with the cryptid creatures of the world and I’ll be exploring the folklore and facts behind the myths too. No doubt there’ll be some commentary on the things I find fantastic and frightful too.

I look forward to seeing you round these parts again and hearing back from you from time to time. But for now, stick to the roads and stay off the moors. You never know what might be out there!

4 thoughts on “About

    1. Hi Bonnie. It’s currently being edited and the cover is being designed. I know people are waiting for it now, so it’s a case of as soon as possible. But it’s likely to be late June or early July now. I hope it’s worth the wait! Thanks for your patience and appreciation!


  1. Loved shadow beast. Read it while sat by a campfire not far from where it was based!
    When will Daughters of the darkness be released? Really looking forward to it.




    1. Hi Sam, thank you so much for the kind words, and I really appreciate you getting in touch.

      The good news is, your timing is perfect. The Daughters of the Darkness launches on Monday, and the eBook is available to pre-order now. The paperback should also be available to pre-order by the weekend. Thanks again for getting in touch.


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